We offer a vast range of the finest fabrics from Scabel, Holland & Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piano, Valentino, Reda and Vital Barberis Canonico. It starts from the raw materials: precious natural fibres carefully selected and thoroughly checked.

Clients are educated on our choice of quality and will get a feel of all the fabrics used for our suits during the consultation process.

With the utmost care, our LM MADE TO MEASURE SUIT stylist will advice in every detail from choosing the buttons, buttonholes and lapels best suited for the client's personality.

Linings and accessories are entirely natural, with cotton used for breathability and horsehair for strength


Certain parts our tailored suits are handmade as we very much respect quality. Our armholes are higher, the shape is more streamlined, and the garment carefully proportioned to improve the wearer’s appearance.



From the placement of the waist to the width of the lapels and the cut of the collar, every aspect of our suit is tailored to flatter and conceal at the same time.


The fit of a LM
follows the way the client wears and experience the suit, as well as his ergonomics and lifestyle.